Prof. Xikui Wang
Prof. Xikui Wang
University of Manitoba, Canada
Title: Statistical design and analysis of response adaptive clinical trials
Clinical trials are regarded as the most reliable way to evaluate the efficacy of new medical interventions. This practice has taken a prominent role in modern clinical research. However clinical experimentation on human subjects requires a careful balancing act between the benefit of the collective and the benefit of the individual. This talk is focused on statistical design and analysis of response adaptive Phase III clinical trials, which represent recent advancements in clinical trial methodology. The adaptive designs help balance the ethical issues and improve efficiency without undermining the validity and integrity of the clinical research. The talk is based on joint work with several graduate students.
Professor Xikui Wang received his B.Sc. in Mathematics (1984) from Central China Normal University, and M.Sc. in Mathematics (1989) and Ph.D. in Statistics (1995) from the University of Saskatchewan. He was instructor at the University of Alberta (1995-1998) and Assistant Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland (1998-2000) before joining the University of Manitoba in 2000, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2002 and Full Professor in 2008, and is currently Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies after serving for four years as the Department Head of Statistics. He is an Associate Editor of the Communications in Statistics (three series) since 2010 and has published over 40 peer reviewed articles. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, and permanent member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and International Chinese Statistical Association. He is also a member of and holds the Professional Statistician designation from the Statistical Society of Canada. His research interest covers biostatistics and mathematical finance.