Prof. Alok Satpathy
Prof. Alok Satpathy
Bir Bikram Memorial College, India
Dr. Alok Satpathy has a passion for research in basic science. His awarded (Jadavpur University, Kolkata in the year 1991) PhD (science) thesis work entitled “STATISTICAL MECHANICS OF SOME PARTIALY ORDEED SYSTEMS” was commented as “ a work of very high scientific level” with an excellent thesis report by Board of Directors, MAX-PLANCK- INSTITUT FUR METALLFORSHUNG and INSTITUT FUR WERKSTOFFWISSENSCHAFT, Stuttgart, Germany. He has been pursuing theoretical research for around 25 years in the field of condensed matter physics, in spite of limited resources and facilities. Being an expert in the liquid state statistical mechanics as well as a skilled expert in the Statistical -Mechanical Model studies of structure, thermodynamics and transport properties of liquids, metallic glasses and amorphous substances such as molten metals, alloys and ionic (full, partial and complex) liquids, he has developed generalized theoretical models for investigating structural and thermodynamic properties of ionic liquids having mixtures of arbitrary charge and size. His new theory of bonding is able to explain successfully the Chemical Short Range Order (CSRO) in the so called compound forming alloys i.e. Zintl alloys and also able to resolve a five decades’ problem of paradox. It is a very important contribution in the bonding chemistry as it appears as a foundation work for an emergence of a generalized bonding theory and has a immense importance to understand the structure of partially ordered systems like compound forming alloys, metallic glasses and amorphous substances.
Dr.Satpathy has been popularizing science and its philosophy in society through active involvements in innumerable seminars, talks and other activities spanning throughout his career i.e. from student-hood.