• Prof. Lee Douglas Wilson
  • Prof. Lee Douglas Wilson
  • University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Title: Design of Advanced Polysaccharide Materials as Adsorbents for Environmental Remediation
  • Abstract:
    Polysaccharide materials were prepared by cross-linking and formation of composites with unique physicochemical properties. Materials with diverse structure and textural properties were obtained by varying the type of cross-linker and second component in the case of composite materials. Structural characterization and adsorption properties were investigated by spectroscopic (1H NMR in solution, solid state 13C CP-MAS solids NMR, dynamic light scattering, UV-vis, and IR), thermogravimetric analysis, powder x-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy. The adsorption properties of the sorbent materials were independently evaluated using an equilibrium dye adsorption method at equilibrium and in parallel with a kinetic dye-based uptake method. The design of advanced polysaccharide materials show remarkably high uptake and controlled adsorption that are sensitive to external conditions (temperature, pH, magnetic fields, etc.). These unique advance polysaccharide materials are suitable for treatment of waterborne contaminants at variable scale due to their ease of separation and tunable “catch and release” adsorption properties.
  • Biography:

    Dr. Lee D. Wilson (Ph.D.-chemistry), now is an Associate professor chemistry, at the University of Saskatchewan with research interests in a variety of areas related to materials and environmental science. He specializes in Physical Chemistry and Materials Science and is currently researching the development of new types of materials (e.g., molecular sponges) that will have a tremendous impact on areas such as the environment, biotechnology, medicine, chemical delivery/separation systems, and membrane materials for water purification. This research will be of great importance to Aboriginal communities in Canada that suffer from water quality and health issues and require point-of-use treatment strategies. Wilson completed a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Saskatchewan (1998) becoming the first Métis student to earn such a degree. Wilson is the recipient of several scientific and community awards including the Governor General’s Gold Medal in the Physical Sciences & Engineering, 2004 National Aboriginal Achievement Award (Science and Technology), and the Saskatchewan 2006 Centennial Medal.

    In 2008, Wilson was nominated as “Scientist of the Month” by the Saskatchewan Science Network. Wilson has provided mentorship and inspiration to Aboriginal youth through the Innovators in the Schools Program, Canadian Aboriginal Science & Technology Society, and has developed science programs and camps for Aboriginal students at the University of Saskatchewan.

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