Bogdan Marciniec
Poznań Science and Technology Park, Poland

Professor Bogdan Marciniec, received M.Sc. (1963), Ph.D. (1970) and D.Sc. (1975) from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1994), member of European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (Paris, 2009); doctor honoris causa of the Technical University in ?ód? (Poland). Head of the Department of Organometallic Chemistry (1987-2011), Dean of Faculty of Chemistry (1985-1988) and President of the Adam Mickiewicz University (1988/1990), Director of Center of Advanced Technologies (2006); representative of Polish Government to the Mirror Group of European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (2005), Coordinator of Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies (2006),  President of Committee of Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences (1996-2007), President of National Committee of IUPAC (1996-2007). He was a postdoctoral associate with Prof. R.C. Schowen, Kansas University (1970/1971).

He was the initiator of establishing University Foundation and of the first in Poland (currently he is the Director) Poznań Science and Technology Park.

His research activity is focused on the organosilicon chemistry and catalysis by organometallic and inorganometallic compounds. Synthesis and reactivity of organic derivatives of silicon but also containing B, Ge, Sn, and other metalloids mainly in the presence of transition metal complexes are of particular interest. Properties and application of organosilicon compounds are widely studied.


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