Medhat Moustafa El-Sayed
Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, Egypt

Prof. Medhat Moustafa El-Sayed received the Ph.D degree in experimental nuclear physics jointly with collaboration with Joint institute of nuclear research, Dubna, Russia in 2006. In addition, he received the M.S. degree in applied physics mathematics from Zagazig University, Cairo, Egypt, in 2002 and the B.S. degree in physics and scientific computers from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, in 1994.

He is an assistant professor in experimental nuclear physics department in nuclear research center, Atomic Energy Authority, where he mainly worked on nuclear installations especially in data accusation systems, as well as, in high level programming languages. He is an associate professor from 2012 until now, where his research includes Gamma Spectroscopy and Neutron Activation Analysis, Radiation Detection and Measurement Systems, Monte Carlo Simulation (Simulation on detection system of projectiles), Wavelet and Neural network spectrum processing, Application of attenuation of gamma rays, Development of distributed and automated systems for nuclear science, etc.

He is a visiting scholar in Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China, in 2012 until now: He has attended to the Experimental Physics Center, institute of high energy physics, carrying the following leading responsibilities: Improving Multi-Detection System for High Energy Physics Experiments, Estimating radioactivity level due to dark matter, Daya Bay neutrino reactor and low-energy neutrino experiments, Studying interaction of photons with high energy ranges in scientalator detectors, Using Monte Carlo simulation for simulating low background detector shielding and Helping post graduate research.

He is a reviewer of many International Journal of applied radiation and nuclear installations, Journal of Hazardous Material, Journal of Annals of Nuclear Energy, Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Designs, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, International Journal of Physical Science, Journal of Environment and Natural Resources Research, Cumhuriyet Science Journal, and International Journal of Radiation Research.

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