Teklu Erkossa Jijo
International Water Management Institute, Ethiopia

Teklu Erkossa studied Soil and Water Conservation, Soil science and agricultural water management. In his 20 years research academic career in national and international institutions, he has attended a number of short-term trainings related to agriculture, land resources management and methodologies and tools (statistics and crop/water management models) to analyze information and data related to these. He has initiated or been involved in development of several research proposals, coordinated projects, designed and implemented data collection and analysis at micro and macro levels using various tools including statistics and GIS. During the last six years with IWMI, he focused on generating, compiling and analysis of data at landscape and basin scales to investigate crops -livestock system water productivity across scales. He is proficient with several land, water and crop related models including AquaCrop, CropWat, Budget, Soil Quality Assessment Framework (SMAF) and other subsidiary tools, which he has successfully applied on different projects that addressed issues related to water balance and crop water productivity. In terms of publications and communications, he has 23 peer reviewed articles in Journals, leading author in16 of them and a number of workshop proceedings, manuals and book chapters. In addition, he has made invited presentations on different occasions ranging from thematic seminars organized locally to international meetings.He served as projects, program and department leader. In addition, he was involved in several professional societies including the Ethiopian Society of Soil Sciences (ESSS), which he served as a president.

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