BES University, India

PRITHA DAS was born in 1965 in Kolkata, India. Completed her Masters (1989) in Bio-Mathematics from Jadavpur University with First Class. Completed her research work for PhD in 1996. Pos-Grad Advanced Computer Application course was completed in 1998. She joined the Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur as full time faculty member and presently Associate Prof. in the department of Mathematics of it.At doctoral level, her thesis was entitled ‘Studies on stability and oscillation of some delay differential equation models relating to control of reproductive hormones’. Since then, mathematical models based on biological networks have been points of study. Ordinary and delay differential equation (ODE & DDE) have been used to mimic and analyze Reproductive hormone network, Neural network, diabetes related secretion system, mathematical analysis, emergence and control of chaos have been studied. Different computational methods were used as well as developed numerous programs in MatLab, C. She is continuing this works with her Doctoral Students. Nonlinear data analysis is also an area of her work. Fractals and chaos characterization of data has been employed to analyze data from Stock Market, Foreign Exchange market, even from musical instruments as well as vocal performances. Published almost 25 papers in International Journals. Editorial position: in one J. of Maths

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