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  • Prof. N. Balasubramanian
  • Prof. N. Balasubramanian
  • Anna University, India
  • Abstract:

    Membrane bioreactors have been actively employed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatments and have proven to be an emerging technology which has developed a niche in the wastewater treatment sector. Membrane bioreactor technology have emerged as an innovative technology, ideal for advanced wastewater treatment performance and water reclamation, through the integration of membrane technology with biological wastewater treatment as a single process. Membrane fouling which has been recognized as a major obstacle to the wider application of membrane technology to wastewater treatment has made the researchers to work constantly to find the causes and to eradicate fouling. In our group we have developed electrocoagulation integrated hybrid membrane bioreactor for tannery wastewater treatment which has shown around 12% of reduction in fouling. The characteristics of the permeate from the hybrid system met the reusable standards suggesting the use of electrocoagulation clubbed MBR for the tanneries aiming at zero discharge.

    Electro oxidation integrated MBR has also been analyzed in our lab to eradicate the metal deposition onto the membrane formed during electro coagulation integrated MBR system. This hybrid system has high efficiency in permeate flux and reduced fouling.

  • Biography: Prof. N. Balasubramanian graduated from National Institute of Technology Trichy, India and subsequently received his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 1996.  He joined at Central Electrochemical Research Institute Karaikudi, India and worked as Scientist for nearly 8 years. Dr. N. Bala moved to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India in 2004 as Assistant Professor and subsequently elevated to Professor in Chemical Engineering.   Dr. N. Bala was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Cheng Kung University Taiwan during 2001-2002, a visiting Scientist in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Seikei University Japan, in 2007. Dr. N. Bala has been working on Development of graphene based biosensors/ photovoltaic cell, electrochemical treatment of industrial effluent, membrane bioreactor, Regeneration of spent carbon through electrochemical method, energy storage devices. Dr. N. Bala has published more than 90 papers in peer reviewed international journals. Dr N Bala has funded projects worth of 10millian.  He has received several awards for academic achievements. 
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