• Prof. Guang-Jiong NI
  • Prof. Guang-Jiong NI
  • Portland State University, USA
  • Biography: I was born in 1934 in Shanghai, China. After graduation from Fuxing Middle School, Shanghai, in 1951, I enrolled in the Physics Department of Shanghai JiaotongUnversity as a freshman, then studied 3 years in Fudan University, Shanghai. After graduation in 1955, I became a teaching assistant in Fudan Univ., then promoted to lecturer (1960), associate professor (1978), professor (1980), adviser for PHD candidates (1984),and chair professor in late 1990's. In mid1980's, I worked as the head of teaching and research group on theoretical physics (in Physics Department) and was the director of Research Institute for Modern Physics (in Fudan Univ.) in late 1990's. In 1960, I married Suqing Chen. She was born in 1937 and graduated from Physics Department of Fudan Univ. in 1957. In 1979, she left the theoretical group in Shanghai Research Institute for Nuclei and joined the teaching and research group on theoretical physics (Physics Department) in FudanUniv..She was promoted to associate professor and professor. Since 1970’s, she has been one of my main collaborators in research, especially on the recent topic (JMP, 4(5), pp.651-675, 2013). After my retirement from Fudan Univ.in 2000, I immigrated to USA and became a citizen of USA in 2009. Since 2001, I have been working as an adjunct professor in the Physics Department, Portland State University, OR97207, USA. With collaborators, I have published near 200 academic papers and 6 books ["Modern Physics"(1979, Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publisher); "Method of Mathematical Physics"(1990, Press of Fudan Univ., later by the Higher Education Press, Beijing); "Levinson Theorem, Anomaly, and the Phase Transition of Vacuum" (1995, Shanghai Scientific & TechnicalPublisher); "Physics Changing the World"(1998, Press of Fudan Univ.);" Advanced Quantum Mechanics" (1998, 2004,Press of FudanUniv.English Edition in 2002 by the RintonPress,USA);And"Physics as a Culture" (2005, 2009, Higher Education Press, Beijing)]. I received 2 second awards of the Progress of Science and Technology from National Education Committee of China and Chinese Academy of Science respectively in 1988 as well as 4 nationwide educational awards for above books in 1979-2001. In 1981, I visited University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, as a research scientist for one year. Then I attended international conferences on high-energy physics in Japan, Korea, Sweden, Italy, Mexico and Russia. . Since 1980's, I had presented various academic lectures in many conferences and universities in China, USA and other countries. In particular, in 1999, both Suqing and I were invited to attend the " International Workshop on Lorentz Group, CPT, and Neutrinos" at Zacatecas , Mexico, with our lecture titled " Relation between Space-Time Inversion and Particle-Antiparticle Symmetry and the Microscopic Essence of Special Relativity", which was published in: V. DvoeglazovEd.,"Photon and Poincare Group", NOVA Science Publisher, 1999, pp.145-169. Then in 2000, I was invited to attend the "XXIII International Workshop on the Fundamental Problems of High Energy Physics and Field Theory" in Protvino, Russia. My lecture there was published in the Proceedings (Protvino, 2000), pp.275-292, which was modified into a paper titled " Ten Arguments for the Essence of Special Relativity" and published in the journal" Progress in Physics" (Nanjing, China) 23, (4),pp.484-503(2003).
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