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  • In Vitro Immersion Behavior of Cold Sprayed Hydroxyapatite/Titanium Composite Coatings
  • DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2014.22002   PP.10 - 16, Pub. Date: April 29 , 2014
  • Author(s)
  • Lin Lu, Xuan Zhou, P. Mohanty
  • In previous study, dense and homogenous 20wt% HAP/Ti composite coatings were successfully deposited on Ti substrates by cold gas dynamic spray technique. The results revealed that the phase composition of the HAP in the deposit is identical to that of the precursor powder and the bonding strength of the deposit is comparable/better to that of the plasma sprayed HAP. A relatively higher corrosion current of HAP/Ti composite than that of pure Ti coating in simulated body fluid indicates a good bioactivity for composite coating. In the present study, in vitro immersion test is carried out for various period of time and the formation of apatite layer on surface of composite coating proves the good bioactivity of the composite coating further. The cold sprayed HAP/Ti composite can be anticipated to be a promising load-bearing implant material for biomedical applications.

  • Cold Spray; Hydroxyapatite (HAP)/Titanium Composite; In Vitro Immersion; Corrosion
  • References
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