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  • Ohmic Heating for Tofu Making—A Pilot Study
  • DOI: 10.4236/jacen.2014.32B002   PP.7 - 13, Pub. Date: May 2 , 2014
  • Author(s)
  • Cheng-Chang Lien, Yu-Chieh Shen, Ching-Hua Ting
  • The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between temperature and electrical conductivity of soya milk under ohmic heating in tofu making. The soya milk of 10 Brix was heated to a steady temperature of 90?C. The applied voltage was increased and the temperature rising rate was investigated for adequate heating profiles in tofu making. Experimental results showed that the electrical conductivity of soya milk is proportional to the heating time. The temperature rising rate was increased from 1.46?C to 3.82?C/min as a result of increased voltage. Hence ohmic heating could be an efficient, convenient heating measure in tofu making.

  • Soya Milk; Ohmic Heating; Electrical Conductivity; Temperature Rising Rate
  • References
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