• Prof. Lee D. Wilson
  • Prof. Lee D. Wilson
  • University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Title: Self-Assemblyof Biopolymer Composites and Mapping of the Surface Chemical Properties
  • Abstract: Self-assembled biopolymer composites were prepared that contain chitosan with enhanced surface area and variable morphology. Spectroscopic (FTIR, UV-vis, and 13C solids NMR)results provide supporting evidence for the self-assembly of chitosan and a second component polymer.Thermal analysis,XRD and SEM provide support that unique composites are formed that differ from physical mixtures. Unique surface chemical properties of the composites are shown by equilibrium swelling,nitrogen gas uptake, and dye-based adsorption studies. Batch equilibrium and one pot dynamic sorption studies with dye probes (cationic/ anionic)illustrate that the uptake properties of the composites are highly variable.Self-assembly of multi-component systems reveal that the composites possess enhanced surface area, variable site accessibility of functional groups, and variable morphology.The structure-function properties of such biopolymer composites display tunable surface properties according to their variable hydrophile-lipophile balance. The unique structure-function properties of the composite systems differ uniquely from single component systems, and reveal the promising potential for advanced technological applications in water treatment, nano medicine and drug delivery.
  • Biography: Dr. Lee D. Wilson (PhD) is an Associate professor in the department of chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan with research interests in physical chemistry and macromolecular systems. Wilson’s research is in the area of Physical Chemistry, Materials & Environmental Science where current efforts are being directed at the development of new types of materials such as molecular sponge materials and their structure-function relationships. Molecular sponge materials derived from biopolymers and their modified forms will have a tremendous impact on areas such as the environment, biotechnology, medicine, chemical delivery/separation systems, and membrane materials for water purification.
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