• Prof. Balaram Kundu
  • Prof. Balaram Kundu
  • Jadavpur University, India
  • Title: Thermal Therapy for killing cancerous cell
  • Abstract: The thermal therapy to kill cancer cells is gradually increasing due to no side effect for the treatment. For this therapeutic application, different boundary conditions can be selected to establish the effective heating. The separation of variables was used to determine the exact expression for temperature response in a biological tissue under Fourier and non-Fourier heat conduction subject to a therapeutic application. As the thermal therapy is dependent on the surface conditions, isothermal, isoflux, and convective-radiative boundary conditions are taken. Depending upon the inner core condition, five different boundary conditions were adopted to show the temperature response in a tissue. For every case study, the temperature response was explicitly derived. From the results, it can be highlighted that the temperature distribution in a thermal therapy is a strong function of Fourier number, Vernetto number, and dimensionless blood flow parameter. However, the temperature is also strong function of the boundary condition applied to the surface and it is also dependent on the inner core condition. The average temperature response is plotted as a function Fourier number and biological parameters, and is always a sinusoidal nature for a lower value of Fourier number. The ripple of sinusoidal curves is dependent on the therapeutic boundary condition applied. The peculiar temperature response obtained from the therapeutic condition on the skin surface for killing allcancerous cells without affecting the normal tissue.
  • Biography: Dr. Balaram Kundu is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University. He received his Ph.D. Degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2000. He worked as a Research Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at HanyangUniversity, Seoul, Korea, for three years. He is having eighteen years of Experience in Teaching and Research on Thermal Engineering. His Area of Expertise includes: Analytical Heat Transfer, Solar Collector, Thermal Insulation, Extended Surface Heat Transfer, Fin-and-Tube Heat Exchanger, Biological Heat Transfer, etc. He is the author of more than seventy five papers published in reputed international journals. He is recipient of Institutional Medal for the best paper published in the Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India), outstanding faculty award - the VIFFA 2015, CEE Glimpse of Education teacher’s excellence award 2015 under number of research papers/books published category, etc. He has visited several times in Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Netherland, Spain, USA, UK, etc. for theresearch work purposes. He is an Editor/Editorial Board Member of several International Journals, like American Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Journal of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Journal of Thermal Engineering, SOP Transactions on Power Transmission and Smart Grid, Scientific Research and Essays, International Journal of Thermal Energy and Applications, International Journal of I.C. Engines and Gas Turbines, etc. He is a board member of reviewerof more than fifty international journals. His biography was published in Marquis Who’s Who in the World in 2001.
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