• Prof. M. K. Banerjee
  • Prof. M. K. Banerjee
  • MNIT JAIPUR, India
  • Title: Production of Nano Grained High Strength Steel By Mechanical Alloying of MWCNT and Iron
  • Abstract: The research examined the possibility of usingmechanical alloying route to synthesize CNT/Fe composite having properties comparable with nano-grained steel. In addition, the strengtheningmechanism of the productis identified throughanalysis of the relation between the microstructures andmechanical properties of the composites with and without alloying element. High energy ball milling is used to fabricate carbon nanotube (CNT)/ Fe composite powders. The CNT/Fe composite powders with or without micro additions are subjected to spark plasma sintering (SPS) to achieve dense compacts. The compacts are then subjected to open die forging and normalizing. Nova Nano FE-SEM 450 is used to determine the particle size of as received iron powder. The size of Cu and ground Fe particles is determined by Nanoparticle size analyzer.The diameter of CNT has been confirmed using TEM (Tecnai G2 20 FEI. The XRD technique is used to investigate the material structure of different powder samples as well as the final normalized samples. The Optical microscopy, SEMand TEM are performed for microstructural analysis of finalbulk sample.Vickers Micro- hardness testingis done to determine the hardness of samples by applying at 5 g load. CNT/Fe composites of fine grain size with high hardness have been successfully fabricated. CNTs remain intact even after such harsh milling conditions due to the cushioning effect provided by comparatively larger particles of Fe. Finer grain sizes in CNT/Fe-Cu composite result from the network of Cu particles which precipitated during SPS and forging. The micro hardness of both the composites formed is comparable with submicron grain steel produced by other routes.
  • Biography: Prof M. K. Banerjee did his Ph.D. from University of Calcutta, India. He has been professor and HOD of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Bengal Engineering College, the second oldest engineering college in India. The area of specialization of Prof. Banerjee is Structural Metallurgy, New Materials Development, Modelling and Simulation and Physics of Materials. He has more than 38years experience in teaching and research in Institutes of National Importance. Prof. Banerjee acted as the Director of a few National Institutes of higher learning. He was also the secretary of Science and Technology department, Govt. of West Bengal, India. Prof. Banerjee is external chair professor of south west petroleum university Chengdu, China, member of international advisory committee of Molecular Science and Technology Program, Academia Sinica national Taiwan University, Taiwan. Prof. Banerjee is also the Honorary professor of Deakin University, Australia. He has significantly contributed in materials education and research in the areas of intelligent and multifunction materials, phase transformation in trace elements aided metals and alloys. Presently, he is holding the position of chair professor at Malaviya National Institute of technology Jaipur, India. He has published more than 150 research papers and has supervised 30 MTech and Ph.D. thesis. Currently Prof. M. K. Banerjee is involved in development of conducting magnet and also effect of irradiation on fullerene based nanocomposites.
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