• Prof. Abdel Hadi KASSIBA
  • Prof. Abdel Hadi KASSIBA
  • University of Maine, France
  • Title: Photoactive Semiconducting Oxides for environmental care applications
  • Abstract: Applications of semiconducting oxides in new generations of solar cells or in photocatalytic processes for environment preservation are challenging tasks for a wide material science community during the last decades. In this context, intensive investigations of several metal oxide compounds were carried out with the aim of their applications in photocatalysis devoted to purify waste water from organic pollutants or biological organisms. Among the promising family of oxides, bismuth vanadates and nickel titanates were considered as potential photocatalysts due to their band gap ~2.5 eV able to harvest a large part of the solar radiation. Nanostructures with high specific surfaces or textured thin films with rough morphologies as well as suitable metal doping can contribute to enhance the photocatalytic activity. The talk will be devoted to outline selected insights on our research works performed on BiVO4 and NiTiO3 [1-4] and their photocatalytic (PC) activity compared with the most popular oxide such as titanium dioxide. Mesoporous structures, nanoparticles or textured thin films were designated with optimized physical features and visible light driven PC reactions were conducted through the degradation of organic dye molecules for environmental applications.
  • Biography: Prof. Abdel Hadi Kassiba obtained his PhD from University of Caen Normandy and his Habilitation from University of Maine in France. He is distinguished professor in Le Mans university and former director of Physics department. He publishes more than 100 articles in international journals, two books, several book chapters (Francis&Taylor, Springer) and supervises PhD theses of ten students. He was invited senior scientist of China Academy of Sciences, CINVESTAV Mexico and nominated as honorary professor of AJD University in Poland.
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