• Prof. Seongwoo Woo
  • Prof. Seongwoo Woo
  • Convergence R&D center, Korea (South)
  • Title: Improving reliability of product subjected to random vibration during transportation and its case study
  • Abstract: To enhance the reliability of newly designed product like refrigerator subjected to random vibrations in transportation, new reliability methodology, including load analysis and parametric Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), was presented. As a case study, refrigerator subjected to random vibration during transportation is studied to improve reliability. In first parametric ALT we found to be the damage of the compressor rubber mounts. As a result, the connecting tubes between the compressor and condenser were fractured. The shape of failures in 1st ALT and the failed samples in field are the same. The failures of connecting tube were caused by the design flaws of the compressor rubber mount. To correct these problems, the rubber mounts were redesigned to protect the refrigerator from random vibration. And the connecting tube also was reshaped. The refrigerators with B1 life were targeted to have no failure in transportation. We knew that parametric ALTs were effective in finding the missing design parameters of mechanical systems like refrigerators in transportation.
  • Biography: Dr. Woo has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, and he has obtained PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M. He major in energy system such as HVAC and its heat transfer, optimal design and control of refrigerator, reliability design of thermal components, and failure Analysis of thermal components in marketplace using the Non-destructive such as SEM & XRAY. In 1992.03–1997 he worked in Agency for Defense Development, Chinhae, South Korea, where he has researcher in charge of Development of Naval weapon System. Now he is working as a Senior Reliability Engineer in Side-by-Side Refrigerator Division, Digital Appliance, SAMSUNG Electronics, and focus on enhancing the life of refrigerator as using the accelerating life testing. He also has experience about Side-by-Side Refrigerator Design for Best Buy, Lowe’s, Cabinet-depth Refrigerator Design for General Electrics.
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