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Norma-Aurea Rangel-Vàzquez
Norma-Aurea Rangel-Vàzquez
PCC, Mexico
Norma-Aurea Rangel-Vàzquez is a Professorin PCC. She realized in 2007 the research of Polyurethane Porous/Hydroxyapatite for Biomedical Applications: Synthesis and Characterization for the degree of PhD in Polymers Science (Mexico). Later, she carried out a postdoctoral study using computational modeling at ITA. To date, She has have published several papers in journals indexed in the Web of Science - Journal Citation Reports and in other journals, 2 bookes and 11-chapters book (Wiley, CRC-Press Taylor, Science Publishing), memories of national and international congress. She has served as a reviewer for different journals such as: Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Materials Letters, Carbohydrate Polymers, Journal Polymer Engineering & Science, Thermochimica Acta, Journal of Molecular Structure, Journal of Surface and Coatings Technology, Academic Journal of Agricultural Research, World Journal of Engineering and Physical Sciences (WJEPS), Annual Research & Review in Biology, Journal of Applied Physical Science International, Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials 2015 and International Journal of Nanomedicine. In particular, skin, diabetes mellitus, antifungical, Design and preparation of oral solid (tablets and capsules) dosage forms, Analysis of drugs in pure forms, formulations and biological matrices, Bioadhesive drug delivery systems, especially hydrogels Polymers, biopolymers and IPNs, respectively.
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