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Anil Ramdas Bari
Anil Ramdas Bari
North Maharashtra University, India
Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films For Sensor Applications

Nanostructured ZnO thin films were deposited onto glass substrates using ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (USP) technique. Zinc acetate was used as a starting precursor. These films were fired at 500oC. As prepared thin films were studied using XRD, AFM, TEM and EDAX to know crystal structure, size of crystallites, surface morphology, microtopography and elemental composition respectively. The absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy was study the optical properties of the films. The crystallite size and surface roughness were observed to be increased with increase in film thickness. The band gap was observed to be decreased with increase in film thickness. The gas sensing performance of the nanostructured ZnO thin films, sprayed for different intervals of time, was studied on exposure of various conventional gases. The films were observed to be most sensitive to Liquid Petroleum Gas at 300oC. The photoconductivity was studied under different light intensity. It decreases with increase in film thickness. 

Keywords: Ultrasonic spraying, thin films, sensor, nanostructured ZnO, LPG sensing, fast response, quick recovery, photoluminescence, photoconductivity.

Anil Ramdas Bari is a Head & Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics at the Arts, Commerce & Science College, Bodwad, Affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India. . He is also working as a student welfare officer (SWO) of the college. He holds a Bachelor and Master degree of Science in Physics. He also holds a PhD degree in Nanobased chemical sensors. He has published more than 55 research papers in journals, books, seminars and conference proceedings, including more than 30 papers in journals of high impact factors indexed in the Scopus, Science direct, Web of Science C Journal Citation Reports etc. He is on the editorial board of several national and international journals. He has participated in the scientific committee of several conferences and associations and serves as a reviewer in a wide range of national and international journals. He has chaired the session of the international conference. He is a member of various scientific societies. He got various types of fellowships and awards. His biography is listed in Whos Who in the World. His area of Interest are Nanomaterials, Materials Science, Gas sensor Chemical warfare agent and their simulants detections, Thick films physics, Thin films physics, Photoconducting and photoluminencent material, Sunscreen lotions & creams.
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