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Ali Taani
Ali Taani
Applied Sciences Department, Aqaba University College, Al Balqa' Applied University, Aqaba, Jordan

Dr. Ali Taani received his PhD in astrophysics from national astronomical observatories (NAOC) in 2013 as the first international student in NAOC. His research area covers a wide variety of projects in the field of theoretical compact objects, in particular the formation and evolution of binary stellar systems with compact objects, physical properties of X-ray binaries, millisecond radio pulsars, core collapse supernovae (including accretion-induced collapse in white dwarfs) and SNe type Ia. 

On the other side, Dr. Taani working for promoting education about astronomy and space sciences in the Arab World and to stimulate development at all levels including primary, secondary and higher education and the public understanding of science. Dr. Taani is an active member at Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences and Jordan Astronomical Society.

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