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Ravishekar Kannan
Ravishekar Kannan
CFD Research Corporation, USA
Dr. Ravishekar Kannan is a Principal Scientist at CFDRC. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2008 from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University. His research interests include particle transport methods, computational drug delivery, moving boundary problems, parallel programming, algorithm development for high order methods, fluid structure interactions and High Performance Computing (HPC). He has published a series of research papers on the above in well-known international journals. Some of his latest contributions include the development of the Wind-Kessel algorithm for truncated lung models, the Q3D model for lung airways, novel high order viscous flux schemes, optimized partitioning and communication routine for HPC and development of an algorithm to detect and quantify blast injuries. Currently Dr. Kannan works on the multiscale modelling of the pulmonary drug particle deposition, dissolution, clearance and systemic circulation. Dr. Kannan has been invited to present his research at several universities worldwide in the above mentioned areas. Dr. Kannan is in the editorial board of "Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology” and “International Journal of Biomedical Engineering".
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