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Refaat M. Mahfouz
Refaat M. Mahfouz
Assiut university, Egypt

Refaat M. Mahfouz is now a professor of nuclear and radiochemistry at the department of chemistry , Faculty of science , Assiut university , Egypt. He hold his B.Sc. , M.Sc., and Ph.D., degrees from Assiut university , Egypt . He got more than one fellowship to work as a guest scientist at nuclear research Centre , juelich , and nuclear research Centre , Dresden ,Germany.He was a guest scientist for two weeks at Cosmo chemistry institute , university of Hawaii , USA in 2010 He shifted to work as professor of inorganic and nuclear chemistry at King Saud University , Saudi Arabia in the period from 1996-2011. He has published more than one hundred publications in the field of nuclear chemistry ,radiation chemistry , solid state chemistry ,and nanotechnology in ISI scientific journals such as Radiochimica Acta , Radioanalytical and Nuclear chemistry Articles , Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids , Radiation Physics and Chemistry , Thermochimica Acta and others. He has one Patent in nanotechnology. He supervised more than 20 theses in the field of solid state chemistry nanotechnology and radio analytical chemistry ,He translated the book ¡° Basic Solid State Chemistry¡± by Antony West , The book ¡° Crystal Structure Analysis Principles and Practice by W. Clegg and et al.. to Arabic language.He has good experience in X-ray single crystal analysis and he has publications in this field in ISI International crystallographic journals. In addition to this he has also good experience in computational chemistry and he has some publications in this field. He serves as a reviewer in a wide range of international journals.

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