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Chun-Yeol You
Chun-Yeol You
Inha University, Republic of Korea

Chun-Yeol You was born in 1968, Seoul, Rep. of Korea. He graduated and received Ph-D degree from Department of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) in Korea at 1997 about the study of magneto-optical Kerr spectroscopy. He moved to Materials Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory, USA, as a post-doc (1997~2002). During his post-doc. period, he investigated the interlayer exchange coupling and magneto-resistance in the ferromagnetic multilayer systems. He moved to the Department of Physics, Inha University, Incheon, Korea as a Professor at 2002. During 2011~2013 period, he assigned as a Inha Fellow Professor. His research interest is covering wide range of magnetism and magnetic thin films including not only modern spintronics devices including spin-transfer-torque MRAM, domain wall motion devices, voltage controlled anisotropy, spin-orbit torques (Rashba, DMI, spin Hall), but also very basic phenomena such as exchange bias, interlayer exchange coupling, perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, proximity effect, etc. Especially, spin dynamics in nano-structure with BLS (Brillouin Light Scattering) and FMR (Ferromagnetic Resonance) and micromagnetic simulations are the most active research areas. More than 115 SCI/SCIE scientific papers and 16 patents are published. He also involved many international conference organization, program, publication committee members including ICM 2012, ICAMD 2009, 2011, 2013, AMC 2008, ICAUMS 2010, ISAMMA2007, and SSDM2014, etc. Scientific fields of Dr. Chun-Yeol You are as follow: Spintronics, Spin Transfer Torque, Spin Orbit Torque, spin dynamics with BLS (Brillouin Light Scattering) and FMR (Ferromagnetic Resonance), Micromagnetics, Exchange Bias, and various magnetoresistance effects.

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