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C. Bor Fuh
C. Bor Fuh
National Chi Nan University, Chinese Taipei
Functional Nanoparticles for Biochemical Analysis Using Magnetic Immunoassay

Functional nanoparticles have been widely used for various applications of industry, biochemistry and biomedicine. The advantages of functional nanoparticles have been known and gradually used in many new applications. This presentation would show several biochemical analyses using functional nanoparticles with emphasis on magnetic immunoassay. Several model biomarkers would be used to demonstrate the applications of this technique. In comparison with other methods, this method has lower detection limit and wider linear range. This technique has great potential to provide a simple, fast, sensitive, and selective analysis for particles, proteins, and other biomaterials. 

Keywords: Functional nanoparticles, biochemical analysis, magnetic immunoassay

C. Bor Fuh is a Prof. of Applied Chemistry at National Chi Nan University, Taiwan. He received his PhD from University of Utah and worked as a postdoc research fellow at biomedical engineering department of Cleveland Clinic Foundation in USA. He was a guesting professor at Osaka University in Japan. His major fields of research interest include thin channel, magnetic separation, and functional nanoparticles for analytical and biochemical analyses.
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