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Alexander Denisov
Alexander Denisov
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Alexander Denisov was appointed as the director of State Research Center (SRC) of the Superconductive Radioelectronics ¡°Iceberg¡± in 1992 year. He had graduated Moscow Physical Engineering Institute. In 1997 year he was the chief of department special topics in Ministry of Science of Ukraine and up to this time he is member of presidium of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine ( on special topics. SRC was organised after discovery high temperature superconductivity at the base of the cryogenic and the radiometric labs of the scientific¨Cresearch institute ¡°Saturn¡± in Kiev, was oriented for design the microwave devices with best sensitivity and mainly for the space tasks. Principle interests of SRC are in design various new application of microwaves and passive millimeter wave imaging systems (PMWIS). This time he works as the State Specially Recruited Expert in Harbin Institute of Technology, People¡¯s Republic of China.

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