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Harald Justnes
Prof. Harald Justnes
SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway
Title: How to Go Smart with Concrete
Aharon Gedanken
Prof. Aharon Gedanken
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Title: Making the Hospital a Safer Place by the Sonochemical Coating of the Textiles with Antibacterial Nanoparticles
Avner Rothschild
Dr. Avner Rothschild
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Title: Reflections on Rust: Iron Oxide Photoelectrodes for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage
Anil Ramdas Bari
Dr. Anil Ramdas Bari
North Maharashtra University, India
Title: Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films For Sensor Applications
Juiming Yeh
Prof. Juiming Yeh
Chung Yuan Christian University
Title: Enhancement of gas barrier and electro-catalytic properties of electroactive epoxy resins by incorporation of reduced graphene oxide platelets for anticorrosive coating application
Shinsuke Ifuku
Dr. Shinsuke Ifuku
Tottori University, Japan
Title: Preparation of chitin nanofibers extracted from crab shell for reinforcement filler of plastics
Chang YANG
Dr. Chang YANG
Universität Leipzig, Germany
Title: Advances in the development of high performance p-type transparent conducting materials: a study of copper iodide
Bashir Ahmmad ARIMA
Dr. Bashir Ahmmad ARIMA
Yamagata University, Japan
Title: Sonication-assisted fabrication of metal doped BiFeO3 nanoparticles and investigation of their magnetic properties
Emil Zolotoyabko
Prof. Emil Zolotoyabko
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Title: The structure of natural biocomposites: routes toward improving their mechanical properties
Soon-Gil Yoon
Prof. Soon-Gil Yoon
Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea
Title: Functional Applications of AZO Multilayer and AZO Single Layer Thin Films: EMI Shielding, Antibacterial Activity, hydrophobic properties, and Water and Acid Water Resistance
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