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Conference Speakers

Mostafa Ranjbar
Dr. Mostafa Ranjbar
Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey
Eugene O. Kamenetskii
Dr. Eugene O. Kamenetskii
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Peng-Sheng Wei
Prof. Peng-Sheng Wei
National Sun Yat Sen University, Chinese Taipei
Yuri Penionzhkevich
Prof. Yuri Penionzhkevich
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,, Russia
Title: Nuclei and Astrophysics
Zhuge Yan
Prof. Zhuge Yan
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Title: Progressive failure of masonry shear walls – a distinct element approach
Farzad Mashayek
Prof. Farzad Mashayek
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Title: High-fidelity Simulation of Turbulent Reacting Flows
T.N. Anh Nguyen
Dr. T.N. Anh Nguyen
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Title: Tunable Magnetic Anisotropy in Metallic Multilayers: A Promising New Avenue to Next Generation Spintronics Devices
Liguo Zhao
Prof. Liguo Zhao
Loughborough University, UK
Title: Modelling of Time-Dependent Mechanical Behaviour of Poly (lactic-acid) and Poly (butylene succinate) Blends for Stent Application
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