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Conference Speakers

Engin Eroglu
Dr. Engin Eroglu
Düzce Univesity, Turkey
Henry M. Sobell
Prof. Henry M. Sobell
University of Rochester, USA
Title: The centers of premeltons signal the beginning and ends of genes
Jung-Hsin Lin
Prof. Jung-Hsin Lin
Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, Chinese Taipei
Mitra Noori
Dr. Mitra Noori
Arak University, Iran
Zhijun Liu
Dr. Zhijun Liu
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,CAS, China
Title: The Setup of NCPSS NMR Facilities and Technology Systems and Some Important Applications on Biomolecular Structures and Dynamics
Mladen Korbelik
Prof. Mladen Korbelik
British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada
Title: Role of sphingolipids in cell death following oxidative stress
Mohammad Reza Naghavi
Prof. Mohammad Reza Naghavi
University of Tehran, Iran
Title: Identification of low-molecular-weight-glutenin genes from the D-genome of Triticum aestivum, Aegilops crassa, Ae. cylindrica and Ae. tauschii
Rajiv Dutta
Prof. Rajiv Dutta
Sharda University, India
Title: Discovery of Electro and Mechano-sensitive Membrane Nanopores Essential for Cellular Elongation
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