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Conference Speakers

Engin Eroglu
Dr. Engin Eroglu
Düzce Univesity, Turkey
Henry M. Sobell
Prof. Henry M. Sobell
University of Rochester, USA
Title: The centers of premeltons signal the beginning and ends of genes
Jung-Hsin Lin
Prof. Jung-Hsin Lin
Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, Chinese Taipei
Title: Harnessing Structures and Dynamics of Biomolecules for Computational Drug Design
Mitra Noori
Dr. Mitra Noori
Arak University, Iran
Zhijun Liu
Dr. Zhijun Liu
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,CAS, China
Title: The Setup of NCPSS NMR Facilities and Technology Systems and Some Important Applications on Biomolecular Structures and Dynamics
Mladen Korbelik
Prof. Mladen Korbelik
British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada
Title: Role of sphingolipids in cell death following oxidative stress
Mohammad Reza Naghavi
Prof. Mohammad Reza Naghavi
University of Tehran, Iran
Title: Identification of low-molecular-weight-glutenin genes from the D-genome of Triticum aestivum, Aegilops crassa, Ae. cylindrica and Ae. tauschii
Rajiv Dutta
Prof. Rajiv Dutta
Sharda University, India
Title: Discovery of Electro and Mechano-sensitive Membrane Nanopores Essential for Cellular Elongation
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