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USAK University, Turkey
Mrinal K. Ghose
Prof. Mrinal K. Ghose
West Bengal University of Technology, India
Title: Challenges in delinking economic growth and environmental degradation for sustainable development
Yong Bao
Prof. Yong Bao
Purdue University, USA
Title: A General Result on the Estimation Bias of ARMA Models
N. Kakwani
Prof. N. Kakwani
IPC, Australia
Stoyan Tenev
Dr. Stoyan Tenev
World Bank Group, USA
Zabihollah Rezaee
Prof. Zabihollah Rezaee
The University of Memphis, USA
Aimin Deng
Prof. Aimin Deng
Hunan University, China
Title: Research on the Regulation Effectiveness of Chattel Mortgage in Logistics and Supply Chain Finance
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