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Linfan Mao
Linfan Mao
Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, China
Linfan Mao is a researcher of Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, an adjunct professor, also a vice director the committee in specialty construction on tendering of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and a deputy general secretary of the China Tendering & Bidding Association in Beijing. He got his Ph.D in Northern Jiaotong University in 2002 and finished his postdoctoral report for Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005. His research interest is mainly on mathematical combinatorics and Smarandache multi-spaces with applications to sciences, includes combinatorics, graph theory, algebra, topology, differential geometry, theoretical physics, parallel universe and bidding theory. Now he has published more than 70 papers and 9 books on mathematics and engineering management on these fields, such as those of Automorphism Groups of Maps, Surfaces and Smarandache Geometries, Combinatorial Geometry with Applications to Field Theory and Smarandache Multi-Space Theory, 3 books in mathematics by The Education Publisher Inc. of USA in 2011, Theory and Practice in Construction Project Bidding & Purchase by American Research Press in 2007, The Foundation of Bidding Theory and The Provisions of Clauses of the Law on Tendering and Bidding of P.R.China with Cases Analysis in Chinese by China Architecture & Building Press in 2013. Now he is also the executive vice president of Academy of Mathematical Combinatorics & Application, USA and the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics.
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