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Nita H. Shah
Nita H. Shah
Gujarat University, India
Prof. Nita received her PhD in Statistics from Gujarat University in 1994. From February 1990 to now Prof. Nita is working in Department of Mathematics in Gujarat University, India. She is post-doctoral visiting research fellow of University of New Brunswick, Canada. Prof. Nita's research interests include inventory modeling in supply chain, robotic modeling, Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, image processing etc. Prof. Nita has published 1 monograph, 5 textbooks, and 300+ peer-reviewed research papers. Her papers are published in high impact Elsevier, Inderscience and Taylor and Francis journals. By the Google scholar, the total number of citations is over 1371 and the maximum number of citation for a single paper is over 133. The H-index is 17 up to Dec. 2016 and i-10 index is 29. As a Principle Investigator (PI) or co-PI, Prof. Nita has completed 3 research projects funded by University Grants Commission, India. She has received Best research service award from AIMS in 2011, Hari Om Ashram award in 2009 for the best interdisciplinary research. She has guided 19Ph. D. Students and 15 M.Phil. students till now. Five students are pursuing research for their Ph. D. degree. She has travelled in Singapore, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia for giving talks. Prof. Shah is a member of Board of Mathematics Today, RevistaInvestigacionOperacion, IJMMS etc.
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