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Govind Singh Bhardwaj
Govind Singh Bhardwaj
Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, India

Dr Govind Singh Bhardwaj is contributing the society by his Nature-friendly, Geo-friendly and Geo-social approaches for problem solving and constructive purposes in applied and basic research in his field. His creative and innovative ideas & inputs of expertise are certainly a landmark contribution towards safe guard the mother earth and society, using different tools available in the field of Geo-science, Engineering Geology, and Geo-technology, GIS & Remote sensing and environmental conservation. He has put forward a new concept of the Geo-social Development and it has been appreciated by the international gathering during the international workshop organized in the field. He has given his technical delivery with the objectivity for betterment, improvement, optimization of infrastructural developmental activities in sustainable way. By his sincere efforts the Indian mineral industry benefitted as getting growth direction towards Geo-friendly Mining and further realized by productivity enhancement and improvement in quality of life by conservational and environmental protection in the field. Also the civil engineering construction and environmental protection took a boost in the field of highways, four and six lanes road net working in hilly areas. His efforts in geo-technical assessment of existing and proposed road network in hilly areas of Aravalli Mountains are of immense value.

 His work reflects as better utilization of the geotechnical knowledge for the innovations in mineral excavation techniques, mineral conservation and mining environment sector by improving the open pit mining environment by stability measures, improving workers motivation for stress free work environment, under safe conditions. This could be assessed in terms of improvement in the productivity & working efficiency. The nominee has contributed in the field of excavation & quarrying for dimensional stone i.e. marble, flaggy limestone, sandstone, granite; industrial minerals like soapstone, feldspar, quartz and huge excavations for four lane road network development in Aravalli Mountain. His creative involvement in the research project sponsored by the Man and Biosphere Division, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Department of Science and Technology, GOI India New Delhi, in the year 1987-89, where he has carried out environmental geological investigation of the Udaipur basin i.e. industrial clusters, where 80% industries are mineral based. Industrial effluent disposal of liquid, solid and gaseous material locations or sites were analyzed on the basis of structural planar features, its frequency in the subsurface and contaminations spreading in the area. On the basis of his research report as a key researcher in the team, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has given judgment verdict to close pollution causing industries and the residents of nearby villages’ remedies by further contamination of groundwater, fertile farm land and cattle grazing land. The findings were duly recognized by the government of India and the project was awarded excellent. His technical report regarding marble slurry yard born problems in ChitrakootNagar Housing Area of Udaipur, is taken as a base report by the National Human Right Commission, Delhi, India and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, given direction to Rajasthan state authorities to shift the yard and not to dump marble slurry at the place, which is technically not advisable.

Nominees’ sincere contribution in the form of industry-institute interaction by providing valuable consultancy / advice to different mineral based/ mining industry and construction industry is really appreciable. CSR part if we look worthwhile to quote as an exemplary at the critical time of shortage of water to supply for drinking purposes & in the situation of depleting surface water and even groundwater, the groundwater water exploitation become only alternate before the society and by his efforts i.e. geo-electrical resistivity survey, a number of successful water supply bore wells have been located in different areas of the Rajasthan state during drought of 2003. Also his efforts has helped a lot to check usual puncturing ground unknowingly & unwanted dry bore wells drilling and located productive wells. This may be referred as a contribution towards management, conservation, mitigation, optimization and sustainable development of mine-hydro-geo-environmental regimes. Numerical analysis related to failure risk analysis and stability of existing and under construction motorways twin tunnels developmental activities in the Aravalli Mountain Highways using various software tools also a contribution for the future assignments in the field. He has exposure of slope stability analysis software Galena, FE, Matt lab, Flagylist, Flac 3D, GIS software TNTmips and Arc GIS, Rockware, DIPS etc. and university has appointed as Nodal Officer for GIS survey and data base preparation across state of Rajasthan.

Nominee is a team member of Mo U signed with Centre for Development of Stones (CDOS), Jaipur and Department of Mining Engineering, MPUAT, Udaipur in the year 2006 to carry out R& D, Training courses and development of “Stone Test House” at CDOS, Jaipur, prepared stone test reports as per European standards for the benefit of stone sector industries of the country is continuing till date. Nominee is active fellow and member of the various prestigious professional societies like The Fellow & Life member of the Geological Society of India, Bangalore since 1984, Life Member of the Mining Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India, Kolkota, Life Member of The Mining Engineers Association of India, Founder Member of the Geoscientists Society of Rajasthan. He has organized scientific lectures time to time like Earth day, World Environment Day, World Water Day etc. celebrations for the awareness and motivation among beginners as well as seniors, also contributed for the society. As an Editor in Chief of the Geoscientists Society in the year 2010, he has published International Journal of Geo-science and Environment. He is reviewer and member editorial board in several international journals of repute. He has travelled abroad for participating and presenting his research papers in the international conferences and symposia, time to time.

Nominee has co-authored a popular and unique book titled Dimensional Stone Technology published in the year 2000. The book is the only reference literature for small scale mining of the stone sector in India and several other countries as well. He has recently published “Mining Geology Laboratory Manual Book” printed by the Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan stands first mining geology manual book published in the country. The book is welcomed by several mining colleges & research institutes in India and abroad. Most downloaded e-Book chapter on the aspect “Geo-Social Aspects of Developments in Peri-urban Regions” with DOI: 10.1007/978-94-017-8878-6_3 contributed in the famous book - The Security of Water, Food, Energy and Liveability of Cities, Challenges and Opportunities for Peri-Urban Futures, Springer -Water Science and Technology Library 71, is an landmark new concept as the geo-social dynamics of assimilation of rural-urban spatial fringe. Outstanding contribution by him is authenticated by his more than 200 publications in reputed national and international journals, delivered more than 100 lectures/ speeches as an invited speaker/ resource person at like UCCI- Skill Up-gradation Training Program sponsored by SIDA, Sweden and NIRM, Karnataka, invited expert & delivered in the Round Table Discussion on “Skill Development & Education in Mining by the International Centre of Excellence in Mining Safety and Automation with multinational academic partners, GOI, Gujarat, delivered several radio talks on scientific topics for common man, his live bites & panel discussions and explanations regarding earthquake and landslides disasters period of time appears for common man and society. He is working on development of earthquake and landslides early warning system for issuing global and local warnings online and article appears in the proceedings of the national seminar on Slope stability issues in opencast mining and civil engineering, July 26-27, 2015 held at NIT Rourkela. His YouTube channel “Geo-explore- Unearth the Earth mine” is dedicated for educating the society by uploaded and published videos and is of good standing channel can be accessed at link https://www. youtube. com/ channel/ UCebwD_gXVVJzCG9ABelGNaw.

Several awards and appreciation are due recognition to him like appreciation from Secretary Urban Improvement Trust Udaipur, for CSR in groundwater exploration in drought period and located potential bore well by his efforts in 2003 and public drinking water availability could possible; Appreciation letter from Director Extension MPUAT, for his outstanding services in the field of ground water exploration at the KVK Bhilwara, MPUAT farm land; and from several authorities time to time; District Level Award on Teachers Day 2007, for his achievements in the field of teaching and research instituted by the Rajasthan Patrika, Rotary Club and Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research, Udaipur; Best Teacher Award 2009 by the Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur; Best Paper Award categorized as Best Professional Research, in the field of construction engineering and environmental technology and environmental hazards due to marble slurry dump yard, in the International Conference on Environmental Technology & Construction Engineering for Sustainable Development, held at Sylhet University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh in the year 2011-and 2012; Smt Bala Tondon Award 2011 from The Mining Geological and Metallurgical Society of India, Kolkota for outstanding contribution in the field of Mitigate Measures for Environmental set up of mining industry of the country; Outstanding Service Award 2013 by the Lokjan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur, for his outstanding contribution in Geo-science, mining and environment. He is recipient of the prestigious national award “The Teacher’s Excellence Award 2015”, instituted by the Confederation of Education Excellence, Delhi and supported by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, Delhi, ECONS Group and several other organizations. Felicitated and honored for contribution in quality education, by the Kingons (Maharaja) Group of Institutions, Udaipur, Rajasthan on January 17, 2016. Looking to his experience he is nominated as a member District Environment Impacts Assessment Authority, Dungarpur (DEIAA) Rajasthan for B2 Mines Environment Clearances’ Certificate (EC) vide Central Environment (Conservation) Resolution 1986 Clause 3 Sub Clause 3 and Ministry of Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi Notification dated 20.01.2016. Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Jaipur provided administrative approval of 9.33 lakhs research consultancy to him for undertake the study of environmental losses and its restoration techno-economics in Kotputli Tehsil, district Jaipur Rajasthan. Recently National Award of Excellence & Gold Medal awarded by the Global Management Council, Ahmedabad, and confirms a letter of recognizing the noble work done in the interest of mining engineering students, teachers and the entire education fraternity. The governing body of the council, an apex body in the field of academics, gives a distinction of being one of the BEST TEACHERS in the country.

It is also due recognition to him that his students are efficiently working in multinationals in several countries like Australia, UK, USA, Middle-East, Central & State Government Departments, Indian Engineering Services, Lecturer & professors at IIT, NIT, Management Institutes, State Universities in India & in Australian University. Majority of students are well placed with handsome salary packages. Numbers of students are self entrepreneurs and best performers. Majority of his students always remain in close contact with him for getting technical backups in the field and exchanging/updating by interaction, even after passing out from the institute, doing best and contributing for national building. This is an unforgettable contribution by him shows that always he is available for his advice to advice seekers. Thirty years professional experience is full of exploring new dimensions in technology in his field.

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