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Mostafa Ranjbar
Mostafa Ranjbar
Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey
Mostafa Ranjbar has worked in the field of structural acoustics and vibration since 1998. His master thesis topic was about vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis in rotary machineries. Later, he worked in Iranian automotive industries for several years as researcher and manager of various large scale projects. He got his Ph.D. from TechnischeUniversit?t Dresden in Germany in 2011. His doctoral work was a comparative study on optimization in structural acoustics. He developed the concept of sound radiation reduction by structural geometry modification using innovative techniques like neural networks, design of experiments, Tabu search and method of moving asymptotes. During his Ph.D. study, he got the full support from the High Performance Computing Society of Europa to visit the Technical University of Eindhoven and SARA High Performance Computing Centre in Amsterdam. Also, he worked in Centre for High Performance Computing of TU-Dresden in Germany. Now, he is working on the application of materials with negative Poisson ratio in reduction of radiated noise of complex structures. Further research areas are design optimization of exhaust systems, non-linear vibration and self-excited vibration systems. He has published several papers in top SCI journals like Computational Acoustics, Finite Element in Analysis and Design, and Smart Materials and Structures. Also, he has been the reviewer of various prestigious journals in the field of vibration and acoustics. He has a long track of scientific cooperation with top universities in the world. He has delivered several invited talks in Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. Furthermore, he has been the technical chair, member of scientific or organizational committee and chair of panel inmore than 30 international conferences. Currently, he is a faculty member in the department of mechanical engineering in Eastern Mediterranean University in north Cyprus. Also, he is a visiting associate professor in department of aerospace engineering of University of Bristol in United Kingdom.
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