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Yuri Penionzhkevich
Yuri Penionzhkevich
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia
Nuclei and Astrophysics

In recent years, nuclear-physics investigations into the laws of the microscopic world have contributed to extend significantly our knowledge of phenomena occurring in the macroscopic world (Universe) and made a formidable contribution to the development of astrophysical and cosmological theories. First of all, this concerns the expanding-universe model, the evolution of stars, and the abundances of elements, as well as the properties of various stars and cosmic objects, including “cold” and neutron stars, black holes, and pulsars. Without claiming to give a full account of all cosmological problems, we will dwell upon those of them that, in my opinion, have much in common with nuclear-matter properties manifesting themselves in nuclear interactions.


Professor Yu. E. Penionzhkevich works at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research since 1965 after graduating from the Faculty of Physics of the Voronezh State University. He is a leading scientist in the field of atomic and heavy ion physics. With his participation, many important results were obtained for the first time on the mechanism of heavy-ion induced reactions, on the synthesis and properties of new nuclei close to the limits of stability. Under his supervision new physical setups were designed and put into operation at the beams of the heavy ion cyclotrons in Dubna, as well as for joint experiments at heavy ion beams provided in world centers like GANIL (France), VICKSI (Germany), RIKEN (Japan), CL (Finland). 

In 1968 a series of investigations on the fission of heavy nuclei was awarded the State Premium for young scientists. Yu.Penionzhkevich is the co-author of the discovery of the new element 106 of the Mendeleev Periodic Table. 

Starting in 1979 up till now he is the head of a scientific department in the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, where several fundamental results were obtained on the synthesis and properties of exotic nuclei. From 1989 till 1997 he was scientific deputy director of the Laboratory. 

Professor Yu. E. Penionzhkevich is a well-known scientist. He has been elected in the Council of the National Center GANIL (France) and of the Cyclotron Laboratory of the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland). Many times he has served as a chairman and a member of organizing committees of international conferences and symposia. 

He is the co-author of more than 200 scientific articles, several monographies and scientific discoveries. For his contribution in many investigations, he has received awards from different foreign scientific centers. 

Professor Yu. E. Penionzhkevich contributes a lot for the creation of new, young scientific generation. He has been the supervisor of 18 PhD theses. He is the supervisor of PhD students from the Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute (MEPhI) and from the Educational Scientific Center of JINR. On his initiative in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions a branch of the Department of Physics of MEPhI was created, he serves as a professor there since 1988. He has been often invited to give lectures at different Russian and foreign universities. Since 1994 he is a Soros Professor. In 2000-2004 he is a winner of the competition between the Moscow professors (he received the Grant of Moscow for natural sciences). In 1994-1996 he had a State scholarship for leading scientists presented by the Russian President.

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