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Bimal Kumar Sarkar
Bimal Kumar Sarkar
Galgotias University, India
Photoacoustic Spectroscopic Application for the Properties of Solids

Photoacoustic spectroscopic (PAS) technique can be used for investigating the properties of solids. In this technique, one has to detect the photoacoustic signal produced when a sample placed in a cell is irradiated by an intensity modulated beam of light. The amplitude and phase of the photoacoustic (PA) signal depends on the thermal and optical properties of the sample. Hence the wealth of information contained in the PA signal can be used to investigate the properties of solids. The absorption of light is essential for the generation of the PA signal, light that is transmitted or elastically scattered by the sample does not interfere with the inherently absorptive PA measurements. This enables one to work with essentially transparent media or highly light scattering materials such as powders, amorphous solids, gels and colloids. In this work we have emphasized over the theoretical, experimental issues on the application of photacoustic spectroscopy for the investigation of the properties of solids.

Bimal Kumar Sarkar graduated in physics at Jadavpur University, India and Electrical Engineering at Institute of Engineers (India). He did his Ph.D. form Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India. He pursued postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-sen University,Taiwan. Afterward he visited in research positions at NSYSU, Taiwan, UCLA, USA, Max Planck Institute, Germany,Czech Technical University, Slovak Technical University. At present, he is Professor in Physics and Dean at Galgotias University, India with activity in research and teaching. He is involved in the field of Computational Physics. In May 2016, he had 85 articles published in international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.
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