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Tarek M. Abou Elmaaty
Tarek M. Abou Elmaaty
Damietta University, Egypt

Tarek Abou Elmaaty received her BachelorĄ¯s degree in Chemistry from the University ofMansoura in 1987. He then worked with Profs. Elagameyand Sofan at the University of Mansoura where his research focused on organic synthesis of heterocyclic nitriles for his PhD. He won TWAS-UNISCO research grant and joined the group of Prof. S. Sankraraman,, IIT, Chenai, Indiawherehe worked on the Synthesis of Macrocyclic molecules. In 2005, he became a Fulbright fellow and joined the group of Prof. Castle, ISU, USA for his post-doctoral studies where he began his research on pheromones. He was the recipient of the MatsumaeFellowship and joined Prof.OkubayashiĄ¯s group in KIT, Japan and specialized in dyeingand finishing of fabrics under supercritical carbondioxide. In 2006, he joined the department of textile dyeing and finishing at the University ofDamietta, EGYPT. He received a number of young faculty awards including the best researcher Award, Publication Award. His current research focuses on the synthesis of new dyes for supercritical carbon dioxide applications. He served as areviewer for many journals e.g. journal of applied polymer science, journal of fibers and polymers, journal of journal of heterocyclic chemistryas well a member in the scientific committee of many international conferences and is now the vice president of Damietta University, Egypt.

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