• Prof. Guoliang Huang
  • Prof. Guoliang Huang
  • University of Missouri, USA
  • Title: Coupled Vibroacoustic Modeling of Membrane-Type Acoustic Metamaterials
  • Abstract:
    Membrane-type Acoustic Metamaterials (AMs) have demonstrated unusual acoustic applications in low-frequency sound attenuation. In this paper, an analytical model is developed to capture the coupled vibroacoustic behavior of the AM. The structure of the AM can be composed of a prestretched membrane with attached masses. To accurately capture mass finite-dimension effects on the membrane deformation, the point matching approach is adopted in whichthe interaction between rigid masses and the deformable membrane is properly replaced by a set of distributedpointforces on their boundaries.The accuracy of the model is verified by comparisons of predictions with those by the finite element method. In particular, microstructure effects such as weight, size and eccentricity of the mass, pretension and thickness of the membrane on the resulting transmission peak and dip frequencies of the AM are investigated. New peak and dip frequencies have been found for the AM with one and two eccentric masses.
  • Biography:
    Dr. Guoliang Huang is an associate professor at University of Missouri. He received PhD degree from University of Alberta, Canada, in 2004. Dr. Huang’s current research interests include elastic/acoustic metamaterials, multi-scale modeling, structural health monitoring, solar cell thin film, structural dynamics, micro and nano mechanics. Dr. Huang’s research projects are mainly funded by Air Force of Scientific Research, NSF, NSF EPSCoR and NASA.
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