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  • Prof. Angus Skinner
  • Prof. Angus Skinner
  • University of Strathclyde, UK
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    <p>Angus has wide and deep knowledge of care and positive psychology. He has advised Ministers in Uganda, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Ireland and across the countries of the UK. For 15 years he was Chief Adviser to Scottish Ministers. He has been the trustee of some dozen charities and remains Honorary President of one, an advocacy charity for children in care, with whom, including the children, he trekked in Nepal for his 60th birthday and an ambassador or adviser to several others. He is a visiting Professor at Strathclyde University. He is an Associate Director of the Centre of Public Policy Seminars and regularly chairs Chatham House seminars for them involving leading ministers and others. He has many publications, mainly under Government license and also others. These have all focussed on how to create the best sustainable care for the future. He argues that this can only be done by renewing communities, by bringing together art and science and by attending to Adam Smith&rsquo;s true insights into the relationship between compassion and money, the &lsquo;oeconomy&rsquo; for Smith included both. Applied Positive Psychology Angus considers vital to this. He once described it as a paradigm shift and was rightly rebuked by Marty Seligman since &lsquo;all that has gone before is useful, now let us prospect the future&rsquo;. That forward progress requires addressing some gender issues. Angus will talk mainly about future care and life for elders but will also talk about resilience in young people and the perils of praise and false self-esteem. As his esteemed tutor, George Vaillant, says - it all comes down to love. Angus undertakes occasional consultancy work but is mainly working on a book on how to create sustainable care. That pivots on the leadership and management of empathy and intuition, for which mindfulness will be essential.</p>
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