• Prof. Hoseyn Sayyaadi
  • Prof. Hoseyn Sayyaadi
  • K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  • Title: Power Generation Using Stirling Engines: Applications and Thermal Modeling
  • Abstract: Stirling engine is a kind of heat engine with high thermal efficiency which is almost equal to the Carnot's efficiency when its processes are internally reversible, its compression and expansion processes are isothermal and ideal regeneration process is implemented between expansion and compression spaces. Stirling engines are external combustion engines; so, those could be heated using various heat sources such as solar, biomass, convectional fuel, nuclear, waste heat and so on. Stirling engines have many advantages over conventional internal combustion engines which include high potential thermal efficiency, flexibility in the used fuel, less emission of nitrogen oxide, quiet and minimal vibration operation, high reliability and the highest specific work compared to any closed regenerative cycle. In this presentation, first a brief introduction regarding various types of Stirling engines will be presented. In addition, various applications of Stirling engines from CHP including stationary power generation, solar power Stirling engines, , application in CHP and CCHP systems, air and space power generation, power generation in submarines, and so on  will be introduced. As in design and optimization of Stirling engines a precise thermal model to predict power output and thermal efficiency in terms of engines parameters is essential, various thermal models including closed-form, empirical and numerical model will be reviewed and the accuracy of various models will be discussed.
    Keywords: Stirling engines; Power generation; CHP and CCHP systems; Thermal modeling
  • Biography: Dr. Hoseyn Sayyaadi
    Birth date: 11, Sep., 1971
    Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Energy System Division
    K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, IRAN
    Dr. Hoseyn Sayyaadi got his B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering-Thermo Fluid from Sharif University of Technology in 1995. His B.Sc thesis was Design and optimization of single phase flow heat exchangers.  He completed his M.Sc of Mechanical Eng.- Energy conversion from Iran university of Science and Technology in 1997. He completed his M.Sc thesis entitled” Optimization of multi-phase flow air cooled heat exchanger” under supervision of Professor Mehdi Bidabadi. He continued his Ph.D under supervision of Professor Yoichiri Matsumoto in the University of Tokoyo in 1999 and he completed his PhD thesis entitled “Water treatment using the cavitating flow” in Sep. 2003. He has been faculty member of Mechanical Eng. Dept. of K. N. Toosi Univ. of Technology.  Currently, he is head of energy division in mechanical department. His research field covers variety of subjects from cavitation to power and energy system. From his undergraduate study till now he dedicated his research activities to following area:
    ? Cavitation
    ? Exergy and exergoeconomic analyses and optimization of energy systems
    ? Multi objective optimization and decision making
    ? Developing of the fuzzy interference system for optimization of energy systems.
    ? Entropy generation minimization (EGM)
    ? Hydrogen production
    ? Stirling engines
    ? Heat exchangers
    ? Power generation systems
    ? HVAC and refrigeration systems
    He published 36 journal papers and more than 45 conference papers in aforementioned area. Recently his research themes have been concentrated on simulation, modeling and optimization of Stirling engines. He supervised more than 50 M.Sc theses and currently he is supervisor of 4 PhD  and 6 M.Sc theses in the field of power and energy. He has presented several undergraduate and graduate courses including:
    1. Exergy-graduate course
    2. Advance mathematical programming-graduate course
    3. Hydro-wind power generation system-graduate course
    4. Analysis of energy systems-graduate course
    5. Thermal power plants- undergraduate course
    6. Hydro power plant-undergraduate course
    7. HVAC-undergraduate course
    8. Heat exchanger-undergraduate course
    9. Fluid Mechanics I, II -undergraduate course
    10. Thermodynamics I, II-undergraduate course
    11. Optimization of energy systems-undergraduate course
    Beside his academic activities, he has been evolved in power and energy projects in oil and gas industries of Iran since 1995.
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