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Prof. Yehuda B. Band
Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Title: Dynamics of dipole moments exposed to noise: from nitrogen vacancy centers in diamonds to entangled qubits
Prof. Kim Meow Liew
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)
Title: Multi-Scale Mehanics Of Microtubules
Prof. Majid Ghassemi
K.N. Toosi University, Iran
Title: Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of Micro-Tubular Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Prof. SMJ Mortazavi
Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Protection Research Center (INIRPRC), Iran
Title: How Can Biological Methods Decrease Radiation Risk in Long-Term Manned Space Missions
Prof. Peng-Sheng Wei
National Sun Yat Sen University, Chinese Taipei
Title: The Effects of Surface Plasma on Heat Generation
Prof. Chuan Sheng Liu
Chao Kuang Piu College, University of Macau, Macau (China)
Prof. Andrey L. Stepanov
Kazan Physical-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Title: Formation of porous silicon by Ag+-ion implantation
Prof. Sergey B Leonov
FlowPAC Institute, University of Notre Dame, USA
Title: Dynamics of charge transfer in surface electric discharges in atmospheric air
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