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Prof. Byung-Teak Lee
Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea
Band-gap engineering of ZnO-based transparent conducting films with UV-range energy band-gaps

Recently, transparent conducting materials with wide band-gaps (Eg) are drawing a great attention, as operations of optoelectronic devices shift to shorter wavelength. In this work, effects of alloying of group II (X: Be, Mg, Ca, Sr) elements and group III (X: Al, Ga, In, Tl) elements on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of the sputter-grown ZnO films were investigated, in an effort to obtain wide Eg materials with high conductivity and high transparency. Effects of the group III concentration, the growth variables,the process plasma composition, the substrate materials,and the annealingas well as effects of the co-doping of two group II elements were also studied in detail.

Results indicated that Zn0.88Mg0.05Be0.03Ga0.04O films showed optimized properties, when grown at room temperature in Ar plasma. The film showed resistivity of 8.2x10-4 Ω∙cm, electron concentration of 5.3x1020 cm-3, and the optical Eg of 3.8 eV after annealed at 400oC in Ar+H2 mixture. Films are very transparent, with transmittance over 85% in the wavelength range of 370-800 nm. Films with higher doping concentration showed higher Egbut revealedmuch higher resistivity.

Byung-Teak Lee is a Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Chonnam National University, Republic of Korea. He has been actively working on the characterization, processing, and growth of compound semiconductors and transparent oxide materials after receiving a PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and has published more than 140 papers in the indexed international journals. Currently, he is leading the Photonic and Electronic Thin film Laboratory, designated by Korean government as one of the National Research Laboratories and the BK21 Core Research Laboratories. He is a member of National Academy of Engineering of Korea.
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