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Dr. E. B. Starikov
KIT, Germany; Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden
The Thermodynamics of N. L. S. Carnot. Is It a Wild Fantasy or the Ultimate Truth?

The situation in the conventional thermodynamics is in fact paradoxical. On the one hand, it is a knowledge field of the utmost importance, but, on the other hand its, logical build-up is clearly deficient. We would herewith like to discuss several important questions: 

1. Basic Laws of Thermodynamics - the more, the better? 

2. Relationship between Thermodynamics and Time... 

3. What is Entropy? 

4. What is Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation?


Evgeni B. Starikov received his M. Sc. & Ph. D. from the Kharkov State University - and Institute for Low Temperatures, Kharkov, in the former USSR. He is currently a researcher at KIT in Germany, and at Chalmers in Sweden. Long before joining the both organisations in Germany and Sweden, he had emigrated from the USSR during its Perestroika period and was active in his professional field practically all over the world. 

Dr. Starikov is nowadays a renowned research specialist in his field, with lots of fruitful contacts to his colleagues in many countries of the world. 

Dr. Starikov’s research interests include - Theoretical Molecular Biophysics, Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics. He was and is publishing extensively in these areas, presently with about 100 journal papers, book chapters or conference papers. His works were cited about 1500 times, his H-index is presently equal to 20. He has edited one multi-author book and is preparing a monograph, while serving as a member of several editorial boards in his field.

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