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Dr. Sumana Ghosh
Load-deflection Behavior of Glass-Ceramic Coating–Nimonic Alloy Substrate Composite System
The glass-ceramic coated nimonic alloy substrate was subjected to four point bend tests to study the load-deflection relationship of the composite system at the room temperature. This study was further extended to elevated temperatures also to study the effect of temperature on the load-deflection behavior of the coating-substrate composite systems. For all coating-substrate systems the load-deflection curves were observed to be a straight line, which indicated that the composite materials behave elastically during the entire experiment. During bend test the load requirement was decreased with increasing the temperature to obtain the same order of deflection of the coating-substrate systems. This was happened because creep of the composite materials occurred at the higher temperatures under certain load applications. Stress relaxation occurred more favorably in the coating-substrate system with the increase of substrate thickness and temperature.
Dr. (Mrs.) Sumana Ghosh is a senior scientist at the Bio-ceramics and Coating Division of CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR-CGCRI),Kolkata,India. She has passed B.E. in Metallurgical Engineering from Bengal Engineering College and Science University, Shibpur,Howrah,India. She holds an M.Tech. degree in Materials Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Kharagpur, India. She has completed her Ph.D. from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. She has published 28 papers in reputed journals and 30 papers in conference proceedings. She has 5 Indian patents and four book chapters. She is a reviewer of some reputed journals.
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