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Prof. Kim Meow Liew
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)
Multi-Scale Mehanics Of Microtubules
A computational modeling of the biomechanical behavior of microtubules is carried out. A single microtubule contains up to billions of different types of atoms. To analyze a microtubule, the challenge is to develop a practical theory to describe this kind of poly atomic structure with both result accuracy and computing efficiency. This work proposes a multi-scale technique based on the intrinsic inter atomic potential and a continuum description method, and hence the overall mechanical performance of microtubules could be studied. The work begins with evaluation of inter atomic potential using a homogenization technique; large numbers of different types of atoms are replaced by a product of volume densities and the occupied space volumes. The potential energy stored between the basic sub unit of microtubules and tubulindimmers is obtained from a mutual definite integral process between pair bodies. Without tracing every single atom, deformation of macro molecules components is determined by the proposed fictitious bond connecting central points of neighboring bodies. A mesh-free theoretical and numerical framework based on a higher-order Cauchy-Born rule under the higher-order gradients continuity has been specifically constructed. This simulation scheme is generally applicable and can be employed to study the overall mechanical behavior of microtubules. With the proposed methodology, elastic properties, transverse and longitudinal buckling and post-buckling behaviors, vibration modes, natural frequencies and dynamic responses are numerically simulated.
Professor Liew is the Head of Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Chair Professor of Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, Professor Liew was appointed Chair Professor of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong, a tenured Professor at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and the Founding Director of Nanyang Center for Supercomputing and Visualization. He was visiting professors of MIT, University of Southern California, University of Toronto and Tsinghua University. His research interests encompass computational mechanics,materials modeling, nanotechnology,plates and shells, engineering optimization and fire simulation. Over his academic career, he has published over 600 SCI journal articles. Professor Liew is listed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) as a Highly Cited Researcher in engineering. His publications have been cited over fifteen thousand times and his current h-index is 54 (ISI) or 62 (Google Scholar). To date, Professor Liew has attracted over US$35 million research and development funds from government funding agencies, industries and higher learning institutions. He has graduated over 40 PhD students and supervised over 30 Post-doc fellows. His students are well received by industries and many of them have become faculty members of universities worldwide.
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