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Prof. Sergey B Leonov
FlowPAC Institute, University of Notre Dame, USA
Dynamics of charge transfer in surface electric discharges in atmospheric air
This work reveals essential details of plasma – surface interaction in atmospheric air that are important for a wide range of applications, beginning from airflow control and up to the high-voltage insulation. The talkdiscusses new results characterizing dynamics of development and kinetics of energy coupling in surface dielectric barrier discharge (SDBD), atmospheric air plasmas sustained over dielectric and weakly conducting liquid surfaces, over a wide range of time scales and electrical conductivities. The experiments have been conducted using nanosecond and microsecond pulse voltage waveforms of single and alternating polarities. Time-resolved discharge development and mechanisms of coupling with quiescent air are analyzed using conventional and advanced diagnostics, such as nanosecond gate camera imaging, high-sensitivity time-resolved schlieren imaging, surface charge sensors, Laser Differential Interferometry, others. The results demonstrate several new, critically important processes overlooked in previous studies. Specifically, it is shown that SDBD plasmas generate high-amplitude, broadband, stochastic, point-wise, near-surface perturbations on a long time scale (>100 μs) after the discharge pulse. The results demonstrate that surface plasma flow control authority may be significantly increased by using an optimized waveform.
Prof. Sergey Leonov received his PhD from The Baltic State University in 1990, and a senior Doctor of Science degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2006. He worked in research and higher education institutions in Moscow, Russia, including Joint Institute for High Temperature of the Russian Academy of Sciences where he was a Head of Department, and, concurrently, Moscow Open University where he was a Professor. In 2013-2014, he was a Visiting Professor at the Ohio State University, USA, and currently he is a Full Research Professor at the University of Notre Dame, USA. His research interests and contributions are in weakly ionized plasmas, plasma aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, and active flow control. Prof. Leonov is an Associate Fellow of AIAA, AIAA Technical Committee Member, FLUCOME Honorary Member.
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