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International Conference on Public Management and Futures Studies (PMFS 2016) will be held from November 28 to 30, 2016 in Sanya, China. You are invited to submit papers and participate in our academic exchange. The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:
  Public Management
    Sustainable Development and Green Government
    Public Security
    Public Crisis and Risk Management
    Innovation Management and Global Cooperation
    Global Health Governance Experience
    Public Values and Public Policy
    Medical Security Problems
    Healthcare Governance
    Improvement of Environmental Pollution
    Civic Engagement and Public Participation
    Public Administration
    City Management
    Educational Management
    Economic Management
    Labor and Social Security
    Food and Drug Safety Management
    The Proper Role of Government
  Futures Studies
    Futures Technology
    Futures Economy
    Futures Education
    Futures Medicine
    Futures Health
    Futures Environment
    Action for Futures
    Other Related Topics
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