Prof. Alexander Granovsky
Prof. Alexander Granovsky
Moscow State University, Russia
Prof. Dr. A. Granovsky was born in 1947, Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1970, received PhD- degree from MSU in 1976 on Magnetism with theoretical studies of Anomalous Hall effect in transition metals and alloys, and received Dr. Sc (advanced degree) from MSU in 1988. Since 1990 he is Professor of Magnetism Department, Faculty of Physics, MSU. He published 2 books, more than 160 papers, joined over 60 conferences and symposia in international and national level with invited talks and oral contributions, supervised 6 PhD- theses and 6 M.Sc theses. He was visiting professor of Liege University (Belgium), University of Provence (France), Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan), Chungnam National University (South Korea), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan), University of Basque Country (Spain). His scientific activities includes : Membership of Magnetic Society of Russia, the Council of Magnetism of Russian Academy of Science, the Council of Magnetism of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Committee C-9 of IUPAP (2005-2011); Membership of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Material Science, the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, the Journal of Spintronics and Magnetic Nanomaterials, the Journal SPIN; Membership of the Advisory Committee of the Basque Center for Materials; Chairman of the Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism; Membership of Organizing Committees of International Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops on Magnetism (ICM, EASTMAG, NMMM, SOMMA, ISAMMA, Nanomagnetism etc) Scientific fields of Prof., Dr. Granovsky are as follow: Spin-dependent transport in nanostructured materials; Enhanced magneto-optical properties of nanostructured materials; Magnetophotonic crystals; Giant magneto-impedance and magnetic sensors based on giant magneto-impedance; Magnetic semiconductors and oxides; Novel functional materials, Magnetocaloric Effect in Heusler alloys.
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