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Dr. Barbara Burmen
Dr. Barbara Burmen
Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya
Dr. Barbara Burmen is a Senior Research Officer at the Kenya Medical Research Institute Center for Global Health Research in Kisumu, Kenya. Dr. Burmen serves as the HIV and TB Implementation Science Coordinator for the HIV and TB Implementation Science and Services Branch of the Kenya Medical Research Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Research and Public Health Collaboration. Dr. Burmen’s interests are in Tuberculosis and HIV Operations Research. More specifically, her current work seeks to ‘Determine the Value of Prospective Contact Investigation of Household Members of patients with Drug Susceptible Tuberculosis in Childhood Tuberculosis Control in Kisumu and Siaya Counties, Kenya’. Dr. Burmen holds a Bachelors of Medicine and a Bachelors of Surgery Degree from Moi University, Kenya, a Masters’ Degree in Public Health from the University of Liverpool and is currently enrolled for doctoral studies in public health at Maseno University, Kenya. Dr. Burmen is the Kenyan principal investigator for a study on Intensified Case finding for TB in HIV infected persons at 15 HIV clinics in the former Nyanza province of Kenya. From this study, Dr. Burmen authored the first publication on Tuberculosis screening in HIV infected patients prior to implementation of a standardized screening algorithm that was presented at the ‘International AIDs Society Conference in 2012 and, was published in the Journal of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. For her work, Dr. Burmen received the Mohan Lumba ‘Young Scientist Award’ for immense contribution to lung health issues at the 2nd Kenya International Scientific Lung Health Conference in 2011 in recognition for her efforts to improve lung health in Kenya. As the Implementation Science Coordinator, Dr. Burmen, who has over 10 years’ experience working in HIV programs both the public and private health sector in Kenya, has employed the use of routinely collected program data to improve program performance. Dr. Burmen has authored over 10 publications in peer reviewed journals e.g., AIDs Care, PloS One, Journal of Women’s health, the International Journal of Research and Scientific Publications, the International Journal of Social Science Studies, African Journal of Health Sciences. Dr. Burmen has made numerous international conference presentations as regards TB and HIV Operations Research. Dr. Burmen is a member of the Infection Control and Prevention Network in Africa at whose meetings she has presented her work on ‘The use of lay persons to support TB screening at hospital waiting areas’, ‘The use of different TB screening methods to determine Isoniazid preventative therapy eligibility among HIV infected persons’ and, ‘Baseline needs assessment report for implementation of TB infection control program’. She has also authored other articles on, ‘Barriers to TB intensified case finding in Kenya’,‘Performance of Different Tb clinical screening algorithms’, ‘Recovery from nutritional malnutrition among TB and TB/HIV co-infected patients’, ‘Clinicians Readiness to implement IPT’ and ‘Factors associated with sputum smear conversion among patients with smear positive TB’. Dr. Burmen has received a number of travel and publication grants to support these endeavors. In recognition for her efforts in contributing to research, her community and the international community, Dr. Burmen was received the first prize for 2016’s American Journal of Experts Gold Medal Researcher. Dr. Burmen can be reached on
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