Prof. Antonino Del Popolo
Catania University, Italy
A unified solution to the small scales problem of the standard Cosmology

Despite the CDM model being highly successful in describing the observations of the Universe, its large scale structure and evolution, it has some problems in describing structures at small scales. The main problems are the cusp/core problem, the “missing satellite problem” (MSP), the angular momentum catastrophe, and the too-big-to-fail-(TBTF) problem.

I will discuss the effect of baryon physics on the small scale problems of the LCDM model. I will show that using baryon physics the quoted problems can be reconciled with observations. Concerning the cusp/core problem, the interaction among dark matter (DM) and baryonic clumps of 1% the mass of the halo through dynamical friction (DF), is able to flatten the inner cusp of the density profiles. Concerning the MSP and TBTF problem, applying to the Via Lactea II (VL2) subhaloes a series of corrections, including the flattening of the cusps due to baryons -DM interaction, correcting for the UV heating and tidal stripping, the number of massive, luminous satellites is in agreement with the number observed in the MW. The model also produces an angular momentum distribution in agreement with observations.


Antonino Del Popolo completed his undergraduate studies in Bologna University in 1990, and his graduated studies in Catania University in 1994. He worked as a researcher in CRL (NICT) Institute (Tokyo), in Argelander Institute (Bonn), as an assistant professor in Bosphorus University (Istanbul), and full professor in Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul).

He has been visiting professor in Bogazici University (Istanbul), Sao Paulo University, Brazil, and the International Institute of Physics, Natal, Brazil.

Since November, 2008, Antonino is Researcher-Adjunct Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Catania University. He is also an associated member of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

His main interests are Cosmological Physics (CDM models, structure formation). He has also been involved with migration models in extra-planetary systems, and stochastic forces in gravitational systems. Recently, he has been working on the effects of baryons on CDM predictions on small scales showing how baryon physics can solve the weak points of the CDM model on kpcs scales.

Antonino has been involved in Gaia since 2000. He was member of the Gaia PS task ( His main interest is in the field of exo-planets, and the study of substructure around the Milky Way.

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