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Prof. Ibrahim Farahat Mohamed El Bayoumy
Prof. Ibrahim Farahat Mohamed El Bayoumy
Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt
Cost-Effectiveness of Patient Education Program in Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Study design: quantitative cross sectional study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of patient education in management of type 2 diabetic patients.

The study included 600 type 2 diabetic patients ,divided into 2 groups .The first group is the intervention group and included 300 patients subjected to patient education program including diet sessions, importance of exercise ,how to take drugs properly, how to avoid hypoglycaemia and direct costs related to cost of drugs ,laboratory investigations ,doctors visits and hospitalization were estimated during one year from the baseline of the study.

The other control group was receiving only the conventional regimen of treatment Each patient in both groups was assessed every one month for follow up for 1 year Parameters of evaluation of glycaemic control were HbA1c,fastinfg and post prandial blood glucose and Body Mass Index.

Results: The mean of glycosylated haemoglobin has declined from 13.6.1±6.1 % to 7.8± 1.2 after one year of follow up.

Acute and chronic complications were reduced ,cardiovascular risk factors were properly controlled in the intervention group and the annual economic expenditure by the intervention group was reduced to more than 50% of the costs paid by the control group.

Conclusion: Patient education program for diabetic patients is feasible effective tool that could enhance good metabolic control and reduce severe complications of the diabetes mellitus .Patient education is also cost-effective in minimizing the disease related costs.


Professor Dr Ibrahim El Bayoumy holds bachelor of medicine and surgery (Tanta faculty of medicine-Egypt,1989),then he earned his master degree in public health, preventive and social medicine (Tanta faculty of medicine-Egypt,1996),and MD,PhD in public health ,preventive and social medicine 2003 from Tanta faculty of medicine-Egypt and McGill faculty of medicine –Montreal -Canada in division of clinical epidemiology in Royal Victoria hospital through double channel system as scholarship from ministry of education-Egypt. 

He is associate professor of public health and community medicine in Tanta faculty of medicine-Egypt. Now he is working in ministry of health in Kuwait as consultant of public health and preventive medicine. 

Dr El Bayoumy has published many research works in international journals, he is interested in research in epidemiology of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, brucellosis and infectious hepatitis ,he is interested in epidemiology of chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and its health economics and pharmacoepidemiology. He is a reviewer of many national and international journals. He has great interest also in childhood obesity and has written a chapter in a book published by Nova publishers in USA. 

He is about to complete a master degree is diabetes care and education-Dundee faculty of medicine-Scotland –UK in collaboration with Dasman Diabetes Institute –Kuwait (his master thesis is on patients' satisfaction with diabetes health care services in Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait.

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