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Prof. Qin Xiao
Prof. Qin Xiao
University of Hull, UK
A Theory of Price, Volume and Credit in Housing Market
Motivated by the revealed preference approach to consumer theory, this study constructs a dynamic theoretical model which infers unobservable household behavior from the observable patterns of housing and mortgage market activities. The model emphasizes the role of sellers and their asymmetric behavior in different phases of a housing market cycle in generating certain price-volume patterns. Such role has so far largely been ignored in both theoretical and empirical studies of housing markets. The model also establishes, theoretically, multiple channels via which housing and mortgage markets interact and speculative forces are propagated. In addition, it generates testable results such as the stability of the system.
Dr Qin Xiao joined Hull University Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Finance in February 2012, after serving as Lecturer in Property in University of Aberdeen for four and half years. She entered academia in February 2001, upon graduation with an MSc in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science and worked briefly as a research analyst in the private sector. She completed a PhD in Economics in Nanyang Technological University whilst working full-time as Lecture in Economics there. Her research interests include speculative bubbles in real estate market, the interplay of the real estate and the stock market, the impact of real estate market crash on macro economies, and debt and financial crises. On the technicality front, Qin is interested in mathematical modelling as well as computational econometrics. She has so far published in Urban Studies, Quantitative Finance, Empirical Economics, Applied Economics, and Physica A.
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